When it's okay to lie to your kids

No doubt if you have kids there would have been an occasion when they were growing up where a little white lie might have slipped out. It happens. However, a website has encouraged you to come forward and share the biggest lies you’ve ever told your children and some of them are doozies!

Parents at Whisper revealed the little white lies they told their children for their own good as well as the fibs they invented solely for their own amusement.

One parent didn’t want their child stealing lollies and told their young child that Tic Tacs were medicine, while another mother revealed just how she responded when asked how she became pregnant by her young neice.

Here are some of the best ones Starts at 60 came across:

How did you get pregnant?

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“My six-year-old neice asked me how I got pregnant. I panicked and told her I ate a watermelon seed…”

My skin…

“I put glue on my hand, peeled it off and told my three-year-old my skin was falling off…”

Let me help you

“Because I’m an awesome parent, I am currently helping my kids look for their chocolate that I ate last night.”

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Stick it to ya

“My four-year-old brother walked in on my opening a sanitary pad, I told him they were stickers. He started to put them all over the walls.”

Let’s count to…

“My three-year-old daughter asked what ‘sex’ was… I told her it was the number after five.”

Is it ever okay to like to your children? Tell us about the best lie you told your children (or grandchildren).