What volunteer work did you participate in last?

Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and fill your days with purposeful activity, as well

Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and fill your days with purposeful activity, as well as a great way to stay social and make friends and learn new skills.

With so many great charity and organisations to get involved with and so many exciting ways to participate, there’s no shortage of exciting ways to spend time.

According to data collected by Volunteering Australia in 2010, 43 per cent of Australian adults aged 55-64 volunteer along with 31 per cent of Australia’s aged 65 and over. Welfare and community, religious, and sporting and recreational organisations were the most popular organisation types among volunteers.

We’d love to know, what volunteer work did you last participate in?

  1. greenwbt  

    I am retired but I do 2 days a week as a volunteer with the Qld. Police Service & until recently I did 1 day a week at a hospital (9 years). I also volunteer with Crime Stoppers.
    In my younger days I coached teams & worked on committees of numerous sporting clubs.

  2. Susan Williams  

    I volunteer in an op shop once a week and I love it.

  3. Kevin  

    Just back from two weeks in East Timor with a Rotary volunteer team helping to repair and renovate a girls dormatary in a remote area 4 hours drive from Dili. Had a great time and really felt we maid a difference.

  4. Maria O'Leary  

    I volunteer at my grandchildrens school canteen. They love it as i do. Their Mum is a teacher so is not free to do this.

  5. Zoos Victoria. Mainly at Werribee Open Range Zoo, but Melbourne Zoo, also.

  6. David  

    I am a beyondblue speaker and present to disparite groups about my life experiences with mental illness. It has become a win/win situation over the years and I get a lot from it as I believe my audiences do.

  7. Brian  

    I’m a signwriter and last weekend was the Wall Mural Meet at Eugowra NSW about 50 signies attended we did 2 large boards to be erected on sites relevant to the theme, I lettered the history/description of the Fat Lamb Hotel that burned down 2012, also a wall mural was painted on the side wall of the Newsagent Supermarket, that building in a previous time was the Picture Theatre, work continued on other murals from last year, this was our 5th year of painting Eugowra

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