What Pisses Me Off: The negativity of so many in my generation!

What pisses me off? The apparent negativity of so many in my generation. Of late it has been almost depressing – and I say “almost” because I refuse to let others’ negativity drag me down – to see so much whingeing, complaining – call it what you will – amongst the comments on SAS. There were recent complaints about an obvious April Fools’ Day joke – prime examples. It was light hearted and obviously NOT a factual report yet some people just had to have a whinge.

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Lately there seems to be a dearth of articles and comments ranging from bad service, surly shop assistants, “invisible” seniors, friends who don’t come up to scratch in the appearance stakes, bad marriages and exes who clearly should have been hung, drawn and quartered, at least in the eyes of their other ex-half and so it goes on.

No wonder the younger generation think we’re a miserable lot!

OK, so the age pension isn’t all it should be – how many of you have gone out and joined a political party or a pensioners’ action group to try to campaign for changes? These things might not effect a change but neither will sitting back complaining and doing nothing. As age pensioners, we still do better than a lot of other countries.

Service and shop assistants are bad? How often do YOU approach them with a smile? It’s very difficult to be surly when faced with a friendly smile. Having dealt with the public in past employment, I know how difficult, demanding and plain unpleasant some of them can be and, even though YOU may not be, the previous person they had to deal with may well have been. A smile from you will generally generate one back. It’s not that difficult – you just bend the corners of your mouth UPWARDS instead of DOWNWARDS!

Had a bad marriage/divorce? So have many of us, but dwelling on it won’t make it go away. When you dwell on anything unpleasant, bitterness often creeps in and that in turn affects those around you also. Life is too short to end up bitter and twisted. None of us can change the past but life goes on. Make the most of it because it’s a whole heap better than the alternative.

Do you agree with Rosemary? What pisses you off?