What pisses me off: Self serve with service!

I lost it today. My temper that is. I’ve done it before, but I don’t regard myself as bad tempered.

I lost it today. My temper that is. I’ve done it before, but I don’t regard myself as bad tempered.

Several things occurred to get me to the point of losing my cool completely.

After two weeks of holidays I returned to find my computer still not fixed, but our tax returns very efficiently completed and ready to be signed and our paper work collected.

So off we set for the 240km round trip to our tax agent in Port Pirie. It was not a good day for driving, blustering winds and slow caravans. The long stretches of double lines stopped me overtaking, and in the spots with no double lines, Murphy’s law worked a treat with on coming vehicles leaving me stranded behind the caravans.

Before calling in for our tax papers we decided to shop. I gathered several items a gift basket, glass vase, pyjamas, thongs (the feet type, me with any other sort would be too horrid to contemplate) and other assorted items. The only staffed checkout had a long queue, so I opted for the self serve. I arranged my bag and started scanning my items. I placed them by the bag as I wished to place everything back in the gift basket and around the vase to protect it on the trip home before putting it in the bag.

“No, no you’re doing it wrong” came the indignant cry from the watchful soul supervising. “Bung the stuff in the bag as you scan it”.

I tipped the items she had bunged in my bag out on the self serve checkout uttered an expletive and walked out leaving all my intended purchases behind. Please tell me it’s not just me!

Thanks to Barbara for sending this in. Do you agree with her?

  1. Improved with self service but ultimately the check out girls and boys will lose their jobs. Cost cutting and savings by the multinationals. Pretty smart. Time of the future though will certainly come in in the huge supermarkets

  2. I don’t use self serve check outs so I don’t quite understand what the problem was?

  3. Um. Might be just you. A culmination of stressful things. Possibly not worth throwing your toys out of the cot for.

  4. Never use them. Just conditioning us to do everything ourselves and then there is no need for any labour involved but still the cost is the same. It doesn’t make sense one staff member manning the self serve even if no customers using them, far better to open another chrchout

    • I’m with you Sally, I refuse to use them for the same reasons, plus it lets them cut down on staff even more. If there is not a checkout open I make them open one for me. The so called service in supermarkets is absolutely abysmal.

    • Same here Sally and John. Refuse to use them as eventually it will cost jobs. If everyone made a stand, then eventually the supermarket would get the message.

    • I for one, refuse to stand in line for ages. I use the self serve. If the store can’t afford staff, close down. I will always find another store.

    • Shoplifters love them. Great way not to pay for some of your groceries. I hate them, I like keeping people in a job

    • Do not like self serve. When there is a long queue & staff ask me to use self serve I ask them to put the stuff through as I tell them I don’t know how to use them. At least that way staff are still putting my goods through the checkout.

    • I don’t see how people say they cost jobs, infact they open up a new industry, design, manufacture, transport, instillation ect, I rather use them,than standing in line, I’ve never had a problem

    • If they are saving so much money they can then use it to improve other aspects of the store and like the home delivery service for the disabled, elderly and people who can’t get to the shops easily. That opens jobs for people to help people who can’t do things for themselves unlike people who are just to lazy to use a self serve checkout

    • Andrea Gipson it’s not laziness!!! Try not insulting those who have a different opinion to you! If I was lazy i wouldn’t be a volunteer firefighter in the RFS. I resent using the self-serve machines for a number of reasons: I am doing the work but don’t get a discount. Where are my wages for the work I do instead of the checkout operator? The machines are often faulty and I have to keep calling an assistant over to clear the machine before I can continue my unpaid work for the supermarket. I live in the country and so don’t get any of your listed advantages such as home delivery. Many young and not so young people in country areas rely on supermarket jobs and I don’t want to be responsible for them losing their jobs.

      • Bev  

        Totally agree with everything you wrote Margaret Struthers,
        And people queue up to use the self service! Paying too much to the monopolies as it is.

  5. I only ever use self checkouts with my tap & go credit card—- change is constant in a race with no ending !!

  6. Glenys wood  

    I refuse to use self serve ,I’m paying ,I’m not working there.why should I have to use them
    There is always a staff lmember ,there to tell you what is the right or wrong way,
    Why can’t she de on a check out,
    I am always complaining at our local Coles,and asking for check outs to be opened,
    I’m 73 I don’t want to have to serve myself or wait in long lines watching what other people’are buying.
    What ever happened to SERVICE.

  7. I don’t use them either,because of staff loosing their job.l was with my neice on Thursday night,she used it we had 6items.she put the money in and got no change!!!!!had to wait for change lady to come to check machine.we walked out of there20mins later.she said to me stuff it,l usually line up,l said me too.

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