What Pisses Me Off: Sausages, varicose veins, men’s jocks, toothaches and Christmas shopping

Christine is back with a vengeance – more things are pissing her off than ever! 1.Sausages versus cigarettes. Oh please,

Christine is back with a vengeance – more things are pissing her off than ever!

1.Sausages versus cigarettes. Oh please, the media are at it again stating sausages are as bad as cigarettes. I have never smoked but I have certainly eaten my fair share of sausages during the course of my life and I am going to keep eating them. I might even barbecued one and let it burn and then eat it. Grilled or fried bangers are one of my favourite foods and if the media rubbish was correct and sausages did cause cancer, considering the amount I have eaten, I should be extremely dead by now. The media and their ridiculous beat ups piss me off!

2. I bought myself a couple of pair of knee length shorts and I am very happy with them as they are cool and comfortable. I was seriously considering buying more until this one particular day I said to Mum I am just going to fly up the shop and check the mail. She said, “Oh please, don’t wear those shorts they look dreadful”! Personally I would have thought the duct tape wrapped round my foot holding a corn pad in place would have been more of an issue for her but no, she hates my shorts because my varicose veins are visible. I do not give a flying fig if people find my varicose veins offensive, they are a part of me! If people don’t like seeing them, too bad!

3. A pair of men’s underpants have been laying on the road for well over a week now. The first time I saw them was on a Thursday morning making me wonder what sort of night was had by the owner because they have Wednesday written on the band. Those poor jocks have been hit by careless drivers and not one driver has shown any concern for them! The entire matter was starting to piss me off then on the very next day while on a different walk I looked ahead and saw something blue under a tree I thought maybe it was an injured bird and as I got closer I could see it was not a bird, it was another pair of mens underpants! Now I know what it means if coins or butterflies appear from nowhere but what the hell does it mean when mens jocks keep appearing? If you say I am going to meet the man of my dreams, I have probably already met him and knowing me I probably told him to “Get lost”.

4. I have a toothache and it is really pissing me off.

5. Early November I received $800 in vouchers from Chrisco, getting them every year is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Those vouchers eliminate all the stress of having enough money to cover the festive season. My christmas shopping is all done and presents are wrapped and it is not even December. I have no doubt now that I have used all the vouchers the shops will now have amazing sales on everything I bought and I will not allow it to piss me off!

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