What Pisses Me Off: Pubs

I worked for the government and made a few mistakes along the way. I didn’t like the corruption which seems to be how the government works.

Long story short I was forced to leave my job for being too honest. In doing this my lungs went bad from stress and dust mite. The latter because I was told I had to work in a dust filled room. 

This gives me a lot of time to watch TV as my doctor is telling me to stay away from people especially in this flu season.

I would like to talk about the people killed and maimed after a session at a pub. I see it on TV all the time. They left the pub after they have a few drinks and run up a tree or have an accident. Another of my hates is trees on the roads but that is another story.

I think it is time the pubs have to answer for what they are doing. If they get people drunk they should have a duty of care to make sure these people get home safe either by taking the car keys or some method of cutting back on the drinks. Of course this interferes with the profit margin.

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It is also frustrating for the poor old police force to constantly break up fights and run people in for being drunk. I think they have far better things to do. Besides the fact that the police are kept busy on this line of work I think the publicans should be the ones paying for the protection of the patrons not the taxpayers. If the police didn’t have to patrol the pubs they would have more time to find the bad guys.

I am well aware that some pubs do look after their patrons and supply courtesy buses and this is a great thing.

Some people would of course say that people drinking should know when to stop, I think history has blown that argument out of the water.

Of course there is the violence in the home thingy to add to these concerns.

Anyway that is only my thoughts on the matter, what do you reckon?