What Pisses Me Off: My feet, politicians, menopause, Andrew O'Keefe and wasps!

WPMO favourite Christine is back for another round of her popular blogs! Here are her gripes this week….

1. My feet are still pissing me off. My left foot is the worst, it feels like a ball of inflammation is sitting inside my foot. It has subsided a lot to what it was, for about 6 weeks every time I took a step it felt like my feet were shattering underneath me but on the upside I am thankful for denture adhesive enabling me to keep a delightful smile on my face during such painful times.

2. Politicians piss me off! There is no point making them live on the pension for a week and see how they feel. They are idiots and quite delusional, they would starve themselves to make it work and it would prove nothing, but I propose to put Joe Hockey on the pension and out in the real world for 12 months. I guarantee things would change! The average rent is $400 a week, how the hell are you suppose to pay that then pay electricity and phone and eat, even if I was allowed to drive I wouldn’t be able to afford a car. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and medications have gone up. They may as well knock all the pensioners on the head and let the wealthy get on with life.

3. I could grow a goatee beard that would make both my sons green with envy. I get chin hairs that are so determined I need a jackhammer to remove them and I often get the whipper snipper out to do my legs. I should just give up, grow a beard and runaway and join the circus. I could be the hairy legged bearded lady. Menopause pisses me off!

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4. Andrew O’Keefe pisses me off. His laugh is so false and his over-the-top antics when he is hosting Deal or No Deal are nothing short of ridiculous. I have noticed whenever somebody says they have anything to do with theatre or acting, he goes into what looks like an audition to be their new best friend. I hate it when he co-hosts Sunrise. He needs to shut up, stop butting in and stop talking over people and basically get off my television screen.

5. I love it when my favourite time of day arrives and I get to unhook the bra, flick it across the room strip off and get the pyjamas on. Last night was no different except thankfully my son was already in bed. I went to the kitchen for a glass of water. I was sipping and standing at the bench talking to Mum when I felt an almighty sting on my behind. The glass of water went flying! I stripped off again and was naked from the waist down and jumping around like Bugs Bunny on cocaine. I started shaking my pyjamas and out came a wasp! He looked a little stunned and after I dealt with him, he looked a little dead. Mum was standing there laughing hysterically through the entire ordeal. Embarrassing moments piss me off!

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