What Pisses Me Off: McDonald’s

Recently I went to the last Maccas I knew of that displayed printed menu signs to look at and consider.

Recently I went to the last Maccas I knew of that displayed printed menu signs to look at and consider.

Other stores have adopted television screens with constantly changing views. This might be good for young video-gamers, but I doubt it. As Macca’s menu grows bigger, no doubt it’s hard to showcase all their food choices in big, clear printed signs, but it’s important for customers to see and contemplate what’s on offer. All too often with their screens, you have nearly decided on a list for the family and “flash” it disappears and you are left wondering what the previously viewed offers and options were.

Too late! My store had also changed over to the awful slide-show menu screens, where you don’t have time to focus and consider anything.

Do you think Maccas are trying too hard to supply a big range of healthy (and less so) foods, so they have too many options? Perhaps a smaller menu range would help the company and their customers?

Now you can build meals piece by piece and it seems mostly unnecessary. I tried a double fish burger on the spur of the moment and found there was no need for the second piece of fish. But that and other options made my bill much higher than expected. So I won’t be caught by that marketing again. Also our favourite salad and chicken bowls have been discontinued. Do you miss other items dropped by Maccas?

It gets worse. I went to the counter to order and a young man directed me away to a touch-screen to order, supervising my every move – thank goodness – as it was hugely confusing. I’m over 60, though quite a computer whiz, however it will take me ages to get comfortable with navigating their screen menus.

Is it all becoming too hard? Will these complications affect the number of customers who visit? It’s awfully tempting to visit the Subway next door! They still have many options, but printed signs and real people taking you through the choices.

What do you think of the modern Maccas shopping experience? Do they offer service and food that suits you? McDonalds needs to consider many grandparents and Seniors network, plus talk to their families and indeed, take youngsters out to eat, so there are reasons why they need to appeal to all ages.

  1. It is not just McDonald’s all the fast food places assume you know all their food choices and deals.KFC is worse.They have no consideration for infrequent users who are precisely the ones they should be encouraging.

  2. If it pisses you off, the solution is simple don’t eat there. I wouldn’t bother eating at Mc Donald’s or KFC, when there are amazing restaurants to choose from.

  3. Just don’t eat there. The food tastes like plastic (and probably is). You would be better off making yourself a sandwich!

  4. Went by the airport in Rotorua last night,knew she had over charged me, or she got my order wrong ,I never said anything just gee the prices have gone up, stood back waited for the order and another assistant made the comment this order isn’t right, got $7.90 back.

  5. KFC has been in NZ now for around 40+ years. I remember we were living in Whangarei when they opened the outlet there. For a little while there were queues outside the shop. Their food was a great novelty. It was crisp and tasty. Over the years to me, it seems to have deteriorated in quality and taste. I have found it has become greasy battered and often dry chicken. I can’t complain about the generous serving of bone. I used to love the pottle of mashed potato and gravy. The taste experience for me from KFC has gone.

  6. I get pushed into going there from time to time (grand kids). I insist on being served, I refuse to use their screen, even with their help. Also I was surprised to hear another customer complain that the flashing/scrolling screen set off her epilepsy and the screens were changed to static at the flick of a switch and not changed back till she left the store.

  7. Glenda Faber  

    I was meeting friends at Maccas over Xmas. I arrived there early so I thought I would have my free seniors cup of tea only to be told the free only came now when you ordered something to eat.I went without the cup of tea until I ordered breakfast. I won’t be going there now any time soon. I have black tea so it doesn’t cost much. At morning tea time I often went there for the tea and then end up ordering a cake or something else after I received the tea.

  8. Robyn Pearson  

    i agree with this and im only 49 and i cannot keep up with it it is so stupid lets change this silly thing

  9. Mary  

    We went to Maccas last week. It was the first time I have tried choosing my own so tried very hard to follow the instructions but when I hobbled over to the counter, I was told to return to the screen and start again. Blow that, I decided I not to bother, but the manager saw what was going on and intervened. I had a delicious chicken salad that I would be happy to have again. As far as I could see, the problem was that I wanted to pay at the counter (not use my credit card). I had pressed the appropriate button but the message didn’t register. The server really wasn’t up to mark either, but luckily for me the manager was.
    I have a lot of respect for Maccas, particularly because they are open to everyone and you usually know what you’ll be expected to pay. Best of all, they have clean toilets and are a safe haven in times of trouble. After solo travel in the UK, I called Maccas ‘The Pilgrim’s Friend’.

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