What Pisses Me Off: Loud talkers

What pisses me off? Loud talkers. I absolutely cannot stand people who don’t know the pitch or volume of their own voice! I travel on trains and buses quite frequently and if I had a dollar for every time someone felt the need to broadcast their conversation to the whole place, I’d be a millionaire. It’s unbelievable that some are so self-interested that they think speaking at the top of their lungs is the right way of getting attention! No one cares that you’ve gone out with 3 guys this week, or that you can’t believe your mother-in-law did that.

More often than not, it’s women. When I worked at my last job, one of my co-workers would laugh so loud it would disturb the whole room. Then when she’d finish, she’d cackle down the phone and tell some poor client all about it. There’s a difference between being excited in a normal way and making me feel like my ears will explode.

When I was overseas recently I was on a train on the way to a tourist spot. There were Americans all the way down the end of the carriage that I could hear from where I was sitting. They were like most Americans – they were outspoken and LOUD. So loud. They had no reason to be, they weren’t talking about anything too exciting. And I should know, I could hear it very clearly, even though I was a good 15m away!

Some may think I’m being a bit over the top but really, you should keep things between you and the person you’re speaking to without the rest of the world hearing it. My teacher used to tell us to us our inside voices….if I was a politician, I’d make it a public service announcement. It’s rude and obnoxious behaviour to squawk, not to mention it’s unattractive! I can’t stand being barked at or hearing someone else barking at another. I’ve had to speak up before, only for the person to say they didn’t know they were talking so loudly. Hadn’t their parents told them?

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They said dance like no one’s watching, well how about people stopped talking, because no one is listening, no matter how loud you are! Shut up!


Do you feel the same as this writer? Do loud talkers piss you off? Or are you a loud talker who wants the right to speak as loud as you want? Tell us below!