What Pisses Me Off: Hairdresser discrimination

I’m pissed off, really pissed off, and what is worse I’ll probably not be able to change this seemingly simple thing.

Why do I (and other women) have to pay 33 per cent more for my hair cut, which is a short back and sides like a bloke’s? My sister has an even shorter cut but because we are female, we get charged more. It’s not about the price, it’s the unfairness and inequality. It’s bugged me for years and I had found a place that just charged the same price and was so pleased. But went today for a cut and the price, because I’m female, has increased by 50 per cent, making it 33 per cent extra we pay. WHY? Not happy, not happy at all.

Actually bloody cranky. I am trying to contact the owner (so far no response, maybe if I say what I intend to do he may) because the cutter has maybe 5 words of English understanding. I think maybe he’s bluffing! He is pleasant and his cutting is fine, the price difference is not! We as women don’t get extra in our pensions compared to men and generally even in the working community women are paid less, so why this difference?

I know some hairdressers of course spend more time and so forth that may warrant extra cost. But this is a barber style place. No fancy stuff at all. No hair washed. No treatments. Just a cut which took maybe 8 minutes if not less to do.

I think I shall make it my mini mission to rectify this. Contact consumer affairs commission see what they have to say. So that’s what I did and they have informed me that under Australian Consumer Law, they are free to charge as they see fit. Human rights might be a better fit as it is gender discrimination. I will probably give them a call but it feels very much like a “first world” problem and am reluctant to make a fuss over a small grief.

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What do you think? Are hairdressers discriminating against women with shorter hair? Have you ever thought this too? Let’s talk about it below!