What pisses me off: Getting a reality check!

After a quick run around the supermarket, putting a minimal amount of food in my trolley, I remember feeling like I had hit rock bottom. I was standing in line waiting for a human operated checkout when the lady in front of me asked her husband to go to the newsagent and buy her a $5 Scratch-it ticket. She told me that somebody had to win the big prize and she liked to try every week. I thought what crazy logic, but why not, so after handing over a ridiculous amount of money for my groceries I noticed I had a $2 coin in my purse so I went to the newsagent and bought myself a little bit of hope. I didn’t want to scratch it, not at that point anyway, I quite liked looking at it thinking “What if?”. I decided to keep it in my purse for a while. I realise it sounds dumb but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I have been carrying that Scratchie in my purse for 6 months now and it has served me well – whenever I felt like nothing was ever going to be good again I would think of the Scratchie and the possibility of there being lot of money under those symbols. I have spent many moments dreaming of what I could do with all that money, holidays, and shoes. Oh my God the shoes! Life would certainly be easier without the stress of money worries on top of everything else.

My poor Scratchie ticket has had a rough life being pushed and pulled out of my purse, laying in the backyard with me while I look at the moon, accidentally being thrown in the bin and now, sadly, it looks like it has done a few rounds with Mike Tyson. I am worried if I don’t scratch it soon, it is going to be too damaged and I will be denied my winnings, so I made the big decision to put my big girl pants on and finally find out if my dreams were about to come true.

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I thought I was going to have a heart attack when 2 symbols revealed $250,000! I could not believe my eyes and yes, I was super excited and yes in a perfect world my Scratchie would have revealed a third $250,000, but sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world and all I won was a free Scratchie so I at least got to keep my dreams. And I do enjoy my dreams. Who knows, maybe one day in a few months when I decide to scratch again, the new ticket might reveal the big dollars. After all just like the lady at the supermarket said, somebody has to win it.

Two days later I had such a weird day. Two very weird freaky things happened within a couple of hours of each other and being quite superstitious, I believe deaths and weird or freaky things happen in threes. Then I remembered my little bit of hope in my purse and thought maybe that is going to be the third freaky thing to happen, maybe I was going to win the big prize. I got quite excited while thanking my guardian angels and promising to remain grounded and level headed I started scratching the delightful cherry symbols off my ticket. Once again I was astounded and shocked because this time I won absolutely nothing, not a free ticket, not $2, nothing! Reality really pisses me off!

Tell us, do you buy Scratchies? Have you ever won?