The US President moved to tears… and how he believes Australians can help

US President Barack Obama has revealed his toughest day in office was the December 2012 massacre of twenty children, at

US President Barack Obama has revealed his toughest day in office was the December 2012 massacre of twenty children, at an elementary school in Connecticut. Obama openly wept when addressing the White House on this topic overnight – pleading with the American people to embrace proper gun control.

Twenty children and six adults lost their lives when a gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook elementary school, with some victims aged just five years old. Looking back, President Obama said “that changed me, that day”. Before adding, “my hope earnestly has been that it would change the country”.

Despite the tragic circumstances, Congress could not be convinced to toughen US gun laws back in 2012. Now in his last year as president, Obama does not believe that change will happen anytime soon. He believes Americans need to be “just as passionate” about reforms, as pro-gun groups like the National Rifle Association are about arms-bearing.

After shedding tears at the White House overnight, Mr Obama’s voice rose to a yell. He stated that the constitutional right of Americans to bear arms, needed to be balanced by the right to gather peacefully and live safely.

The President has previously praised Australian gun laws, which were swiftly addressed after the 1996 Port Arthur massacre. He mentioned how Australia does not struggle with gun violence, “so we know there are ways to prevent it (in America)”.

“We know that other countries in response to one mass shooting have managed to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings”, Obama recently said. “Friends of ours, allies of ours, Great Britain, Australia, countries like ours”. Unfortunately, it remains to be seen if change will occur throughout America.

Do you think America should follow Australia’s example when dealing with gun laws? Watch Obama’s speech, and share your thoughts below:

    • Ah yes but the police do and they can confiscate illegally owned guns and prosecute the owners. I am sure most households in Australia don’t own a gun at all and we don’t walk about with hand guns in our handbags or jacket pockets.

  1. Very powerful. I shed a tear with him. I pray that our gun laws never get watered down. I pray he has some success.

  2. Never mind, they’ll find a way around it. Besides, when the Republicans win the next election, they will readjust the legalities in accordance with the dictates of the NRA. So for the gun sellers, it’s just a temporary glitch.

  3. Nothing will change you have got to remember. America is in the arms industry, it’s one of there prime industries no good a

  4. I think each small step may change American attitudes slightly, but there are just too many guns in the community already to make a big difference. There is too much money to be made by gun manufacturers, so they finance the National Rifle Association to protest loudly every time a change to gun laws is suggested. What the heck do your average citizen need an assault rifle or flame thrower for. America is insane.

  5. Someone had to do something!!! No matter how small! In fact, I think this is a huge step President Obama is taking! It cannot be easy to go against those mad men! Good on him for trying to bypass Congress! I hope he succeeds! It may mean that just a few kids, stay safe from someone, who wasn’t able to buy a gun, because of a background check.

  6. Australia has laws in place to stop criminals “legally” getting a gun licence or gun, but the criminals will always find a way to obtain them. Luckily, our law enforcers know where to look for illegal weapons and it is not in the home of the majority of law abiding Australians. When the majority of Australians are horrified by a “one punch death” then I am hopeful for society in general.

  7. There always has to be a starting point, good on Obarma for giving it his best shot.

    • Trish I fear it is too little too late. The gun lobby is just to strong. Sadly nothing will change and I fear yes more will die.

  8. I don’t believe there will be any changes, at least not in my lifetime, and I have no doubt there will be more mass shootings. It is disgraceful.

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