What is written in the stars for you this May?

Choosing Ease! “I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy. From the very core of our

Choosing Ease!

“I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy. From the very core of our being, we desire contentment” – Dalai Lama

May offers the opportunity to slow down, contemplate and appreciate, rather than trying to do battle – with ourselves or others. The Astrological energies this month assist us in letting go of emotional and mental boundaries, allowing the intuitive, intelligent and inspired spirit within us flow without resistance. The more ease you choose to cultivate, the more clarity and health you will gain!

We’ve all heard about the damage stress, tension, and upsets cause our bodies and minds. New studies document how being ill-at-ease or un-easy brings dis-ease to our physical and spiritual selves. The business of stress reduction is booming as we persist in pushing ourselves into agitated states, when actually the best resolution to a challenging situation may be to take it more easily.

Cultivating ease, calm and comfort are strongly emphasised this month. As we tap into a strong Taurus energy we’ll find that posed vs. pushy wins out. Forget aggressive pursuits – laid back and relaxed brings better rewards! Our focus is now more tactile, sensory, yin, and passive rather than overt. Communications are more positive, plans and proposals can start forward and feelings of warmth, attraction and creativity are better enjoyed. Relax, take a breath – open your heart, mind and arms to embrace this comforting time ahead!

May starts off with a New Moon on the 7th in the sensual sign of Taurus. This represents new beginnings, renewed self appreciation, and advancement of our individual talents and creative callings. It’s a beneficial time to acknowledge and appreciate all that we have been blessed with and all that we align ourselves with. As we heal and extend love and gratitude to one another, we create opportunity for greater happiness within ourselves!

On the 10th, Jupiter, representing expansion, goes direct in its orbit. This encourages us to move Forward with our Dreams! As this planet moves forward now on its path in Virgo, so can we advance our ambitions and dreams. To honour our goals for the future we’re urged to be clear in our direction, be mindful of details and keep focused on our endeavours for more advancement and abundance.

The Sun moves into inquisitive Gemini on the 21st, bringing forth a cycle of knowledge, information and thoughts to be shared. This represents a new start for greater self-awareness, mindful expression and inspired ways of visualising our future. Begin now those things you want to communicate, explore, teach and contribute to this world!

A Full Moon in outgoing Sagittarius will be seen on the 22nd. Full Moons always represent a time of culmination, of completion and awareness. It gives us the opportunity to be aware of what needs releasing in our lives in order to bring renewal. This Full moon encourages us to share our greater truths through more outgoing expression of our beliefs and feelings. Let go now any negative emotions or inhibitions in order to allow more positive intuitive growth to enter your life!

We can all look forward to the 23rd when Mercury goes direct! After over three weeks in Retrograde mode, Mercury – the planet of information and communication – moves forward in comforting Taurus! This is our signal to move ahead as well – but with ease. Reflecting carefully on our deeply held values and what we want to create for our future is highlighted.

On the 24th Venus enters Gemini. As the Love planet pairs up with an inquisitive Gemini energy, we begin a new phase of sharing our thoughts and feelings with like-minded and like-hearted others! For the next three weeks we find greater opportunity to express and experience both inspiration and enlightenment from exciting endeavours and enthusiastic encounters! Reflect now on your deeply held values and what you want to create for a more harmonious future! This the time to share thoughts of love, creativity, comfort and gratitude for all we are given! Remember always to honour your true beauty – inside and out – and be strong in letting others know how you truly feel!

Finally on the 28th Mars Retrogrades from Sagittarius into Scorpio. As the planet representing energy continues its backward path, it changes signs from adventurous Sagittarius to intense Scorpio. For the next couple of months we’re prompted to explore and experience a deeper, internalised, subconscious and emotional part of ourselves. During this cycle we can further understand our impulses, reactions, instincts and how we express our individual desires to others. This Retrograde action has the potential to help us to more clearly see who we are, the world we’ve created and ways we can better share and utilise our powers!

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