What I love about being an over 60

Here at Starts at 60, we want to break the stereotypes in society about over 60s – we are not dying, we are not all in nursing homes, and we are not withering away. We are active and we are not going anywhere just yet! It can be hard to remember why being an over 60 is fabulous when you’re down and out. You might look back to your younger years and wish you could relive them, but there are many things to celebrate about being a mature member of society.

We asked you on Tuesday what you loved about being 60 and the responses were overwhelming: 422 to be exact! You all couldn’t wait to tell us why being 60 is the best.

Here are our favourite responses and tips from the community. Feel free to share more of your own and why you love being an over 60! We hope they will uplift you, particularly those who said there was nothing they loved about being over 60.


Patricia Massey – Being very comfortable in my own skin; the freedom to do as I please in my own home; not caring what people think of me; being asked for advice because people think I’m wise and then not caring if they take it or not; having confidence in my abilities.
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Terry Russell Just being a big kid still, not quite as fast though, but it’s a privilege to be older. Many in our families have been denied these great days.

Wendy Daniel I’m loving this age, being free! Not having to work or think about any career. Having that great feeling that, while I made some interesting mistakes, I worked and was respected much of my life, I did the right thing by my kids (pretty much on my own) and they turned out well. Being sure there’ll be another project or a nice occupation not far away but being free to decide what it is.

Bev Miskin – I have always loved life…age has never been an issue for me but life does change with age and those things have sometimes caused me to shudder! Lol. I love having a bigger family, and the many life experiences that come with it. I love that I can look back over my 62 years and see how the good and bad experiences of my life have moulded me, and gradually changed me into a better person who I am today.

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Sue Ruckenstuhl  Retired – and for the first time in my life I’m in control of my life.

Janet Jones – Being my own person, having a granddaughter to cuddle, having a chihuahua to cuddle, having a hubby to cuddle, going to bed when I feel like it, sleeping in if I want to, just about everything is great.

Libbi Elliot – I like being older, I was always shy when I was younger, but now I am so confident that I can handle anything!

Eileen Mae McKenzie Better sex every day and don’t have to use contraceptives – use it or lose it is my advice.

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Karin Mawhinney Being able to stay in bed until I’m good and ready to get up!

Ken Bryce I’m still alive!

Jennifer May Rochford Having grandchildren and great grandchildren and enjoying every single day. I think at this age you appreciate life so much more.

Maria Stratton – Looking 50!

Trish Daley – I love my family, I love being retired, I love living in a retirement village, I love all the new and old friends I have, I love not caring if someone doesn’t like me, I love pleasing myself as to what I do when I want to do it, I love my life.

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Sylvia Maher – Still have my own teeth, and looking forward to retirement

Tricia Redburn – I love the fact that I can do whatever I choose. At 65 I am fit and healthy and walk as often as I can to keep fit.

David George – I wake up not dead every day. Seriously: freedom and not having pressures of work. Doing things in my own time. Travelling with my wife and spending the cold southern months in Queensland. Life is good.

Dianne Stone – To have experienced so many wonderful things in my life that I am truly grateful for. Life is precious and I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful daughters and three gorgeous granddaughters to share my life with plus I still have my twin sister who has been their for me through thick and thin

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Narelle Blanchard – I am now a 1st time grandmother to a gorgeous little fella Hunter.

Sarah Hilton Life has never been so good. Wouldn’t change a thing…

Rosanna Salle – Seniors card!

Virginia Glenn Spending time with the grandkids. My husband had a stroke two and a half years ago just before he retired. We thought it was the end of the world at the time but as time goes on you learn to accept the things you have no control over and live the best life you can. We have to concentrate on the positives in our life and enjoy every moment. The stroke, in hindsight, has given us appreciation of all we have and time to do what we want.

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Warwick Lynch No clock watching. It took me until I was 70 to realise I wasn’t born to work. If you haven’t got all you need by the time you’re 45, you either want too much or you’re never going to get it, and if you do, you will be too scared to lose it and it will steal you anyway.


So, with all these comments, what are the best overall ways to feel great in yours 60s? How can you embrace every day? Here’s 5 of our tips:

1. Take a walk – clear your head, get healthier and fit all at once.

2. Meet new friends in your age group at our Starts at 60 coffee meetups.

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3. Eat healthily and take supplements, plus have regular health check ups.

4. Learn new skills and keep your mind sharp – you can study university courses via Coursera, learn a new language with DuoLingo, or learn an instrument.

5. Try out online dating to find a new partner and combat loneliness.


What do you love most about being an over 60? How has your life changed positively as you age? Tell us below.