What everybody should know about cardiovascular health and adult stem cells

Over the last 30 years, with reduced cholesterol and an emphasis on increased physical activity, cardiovascular health has improved. But there is still work to be done, as an Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report highlights. In 2011, ‘Cardiovascular disease was the underlying cause of 45,622, or 31 per cent of the total number of deaths from either CVD, kidney disease, or diabetes’.

Fortunately, research scientists have discovered that the number of circulating adult stem cells in the blood stream is beneficial for good health. Even better are the recent studies that have shown the more adult stem cells circulating in the blood, the better cardiovascular health will be.

This article will examine a few of these studies in order for you to understand the health benefits of naturally increasing the release of adult stem cells into the blood stream.

Vasa discovered that people with poor cardiovascular health have less endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) in the blood stream than those with good cardiovascular health. EPCs are certain type of stem cell that can create new blood vessels. The study showed that EPCs taken from people with poor cardiovascular health had less ability to migrate into tissues. The Vasa study also found that people who smoked had fewer EPCs in the blood stream.

Schmidt-Lucke conducted an experiment where 120 individuals (43 control and 77 at risk of cardiovascular health problems) had the number of EPCs in their blood stream measured. The subjects were observed for a period of 10 months and the Schmidt-Lucke study concluded that cardiovascular health problems were linked to a reduced number of EPCs in the blood stream.

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Werner conducted a more extensive study where 19 individuals had the number of EPCs in the blood stream measured and were observed for one year. The study showed the individuals with more circulating EPCs had fewer cardiovascular health problems than the individuals with less circulating EPCs — who did experience cardiovascular events.

Because of these recent studies, scientists understand the link between a greater number of circulating adult stem cells and better cardiovascular health. Essentially, poor circulation is a lack of oxygen. When oxygen is lacking, the tissue releases compounds for two tasks.

One, to attract EPCs to the tissue and two, to convert EPCs into new capillary cells. We can conclude then, that a tissue lacking oxygen triggers a process where circulating adult stem cells travel to the tissue and become new capillary cells. New capillaries allow for more efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients and thus better health.

In summary, we are well aware that the efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the organs and tissues is vital to optimal health. Thanks to scientists, we are now also aware that the best way to maintain our bodies intricate network of delivery – the capillaries – and ultimately our good health, is by increasing the number of circulating adult stem cells in the blood steam.

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