What do you collect?

Collecting in one hobby that can you can begin young and continue for life. With each addition to your collection,

Collecting in one hobby that can you can begin young and continue for life. With each addition to your collection, sentimental, and sometimes even monetary value can grow. As well as providing an interesting topic of conversation amongst family and friends, some collections can become an investment with rare items gaining appreciating value far exceeding their original price. Collections can also become family heirlooms, handed-down from generation to generation.

Whilst there are some very common types of collections, such as stamp, coins, comics and collector cards of sports players, there are also some really wacky collections our there too! Some include a collection of miniature chairs, traffics cones, toothbrushes and even a collection of erasers!

Do you have a collection? Tell us about it in the comments below!

  1. Rod Faithfull  

    I collect die cast model cars and motoring memorabilia in general. As a child I loved playing with toy cars; especially Matchbox cars and the passion has continued. My collection is varied in that it contains examples of many different motoring marques and related items. I am not sure of how many items make up this collection or of the value but in dollar terms I guess it runs to many hundreds. There was a time when I was spending way too much on building the collection and I realised that I had to limit what I spent. Nowadays whilst still actively collecting I limit my purchases to special items such as a model that commemorates an event or a limited edition. It is some time since I purchased a model or other item from a shop or on line; preferring to keep an eye out in 2nd hand shops and at markets. Having said that; I do sometimes bow to temptation and make a purchase on line.
    Holden cars dominate my collection and there are examples of almost every Holden ever manufactured in Australia. From the 48-215 in 1948 to the later Holdens of recent years. Books, posters and other bits and pieces that seldom see light of day are in cupboards or hang on the walls of my home office. I often wonder what will become of this collection. My eldest Grandson might get lucky. On the other hand I might start selling it off. More than likely I shall simply keep adding the occasional piece that takes my fancy as I browse a bric a brac shop some where down the track.

    • Lynette Corliss  

      Hi Rod I also have a collection of die cast cars but always the fabulous FX or FJ. I also have mugs,key rings photos etc of these vehicles I know it is increasing in value all the time but my Best Buy is an original real 1956 FJ and I love it. I like you am not sure what will happen to them I have promised my two grandsons they can have them.

  2. Carol Glidden  

    I collect Swarovski crystals. They look beautiful kn the cabinet although they are getting a bit too expensive now. They are becoming very valuable and if I sell the money could help the grandchildren or maybe a trip for my husband and myself.

  3. Rod Tonkin  

    I collect and operate model trains, originally North American but lately British models have begun to interest me. The look of the model, not the value attracts me.

  4. Gwenda Callaghan  

    I collect pepper and salt shakers but only figurine styles. I have them from many countries including the Eiffel Tower, prisoners from Alcatraz, rondavals and animals from Africa, yellow cabs from New York, windmills from The Netherlands, Bobbies from London, tikis from New Zealand, Micky and Minnie Mouse from Disneyland, Opera House and Kangaroos from Australia, Friars from Assisi, Italy, Moose from Canada, beersteins from Germany and many more. I have people, fruit, vehicles, animals, vegetables and clothing. All displayed in a lovely cabinet. It makes others laugh.

  5. Rae Tedford  

    I collect walking sticks. A rather more interesting souvenir of trips and holidays than the usual trinkets. I have almost 30 of them now. Just sitting in a couple of large urns. Some of them a quite old, all are interesting and quite unique. Eventually I may have a use for at least one of them.

  6. Robyn  

    I collect Murano glassware.I am fascinated by the way ligt plays on antique glassware.
    I also collect fridge magnets both at home and in our travels in the USA.I buy a fridge magnet every town and attraction we stop at,I have hundreds displayed on magnetic display boards around our home.
    As a child I collected Horse shoes…

  7. Mal Pace  

    Blue and white antique china, ancestors (family history), and a fairly new collection….grandchildren!!!

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