We’ve been cooking spaghetti wrong all these years!

When most of us cook spaghetti, we’ll grab our biggest pot and fan out the pasta until half is cooked and

When most of us cook spaghetti, we’ll grab our biggest pot and fan out the pasta until half is cooked and we can push down the uncooked parts. This is what everyone does, right?

Well, apparently there’s a much easier way to cook spaghetti without either breaking the pasta in half, or waiting for half to cook.

All you need is your pasta and a frying pan.

Simply fill your frying pan with the spaghetti you need, then cover with cold water. Bring to boil and move the pasta around! Voila.

How smart is that?! Will you be trying this idea?

  1. Well, my frying pan base is the same diameter as my pasta boiling pot, so not much to be gained.

  2. Saw this a few weeks ago and tried it out, it is an excellent way to cook it…

  3. I will give it a go. I have a very large frying pan which has a larger base than any of my cooking pots.

  4. You must cook pasta in boiling salted water just get a proper pasta pot cooking pasta in cold water?geez moma would be turning in her grave

    • Spot on. Don’t forget to add a tablespoon of olive oil before the salt and the pasta. Besides, who writes this rubbish anyways?

    • I always put a little olive oil in the water and also when its al dente i pour cold water in to stop the cooking process

    • Ahhh but did you know if you put oil in the water it actually stops the sauce clinging to the pasta. Thats what my mother in law Dora Rosa Cammarano tells me. I agree. Same as the lettuce. Put the vinegar before the oil. Just saying. Salata and pasta love the 2 together.

    • I bring the salted water to a boil (large saucepan)..then turn off the heat…add spaghetti, swirl around until it softens, then turn up the heat , to let it cook, swirling occasionally..it never sticks together this way!

    • Never put olive oil in the water. Being Italian born I have always cooked my pasta to perfection simply by putting spaghetti into a pot of boiling salted water, pushing it down with a spoon, the old fashioned way.
      Frying pan, OMG what next?

    • Marie Gammon
      I agree. No reason to put olive oil in with it. We have a large Italian presence in our town and they tell me the same thing.

  5. The one I have realized in here.. we are a hopeless bunch, seem we have done everything wrong..it is lucky we are all still alive 🙂

  6. I actually tried this. Doesn’t work. Kept having to add more water. Waste of time.

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