We want one of these! Watch as this husband gets sent to the doghouse

Bless their cotton socks, but hubbies don’t always get it right when it comes to thoughtful gifts – even when they

Bless their cotton socks, but hubbies don’t always get it right when it comes to thoughtful gifts – even when they actually put lots of thought into them!

My mere male once bought me for my birthday, wait for it…. a camp oven.

As I stared at it in bewilderment (I’m more of a hotel person, preferably five star and in an exotic location), he explained that this would make me like camping more. Over the gnawing silence he listed all the great things I could bake while we were eaten alive by mosquitoes and attacked by dingoes. Well, maybe he didn’t say that, but I was too busy thinking, “He wants me to go camping AND he expects me to COOK!”

Oh I was mad. It wasn’t a vacuum cleaner or an iron, but it may as well have been. I sent him straight to the doghouse, which at our place is his comfortable shed out the back.

How I wish I’d had one of these – in this hilarious ad for JCPenney in the US, a man gets sent to the ultimate doghouse and has a hard time getting out again because he just does not understand what he’s done.

Watch it and laugh, then share the worst present you ever got!

As an aside, we did go camping and he cooked a lovely damper in the camp oven. I forgave him, but he has, hopefully, learned his lesson!

Would you like a doghouse like this in your backyard? What would have your loved one despatched there quick-smart?

  1. I salute his practicality. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. As for making a big deal of it pfft.

    • Didn’t you see the plea from SAS the other day to like and comment on their posts? Seems like they will do anything for comments, even negative ones!! I have given up on posting on the obvious errors in their ‘articles’ as it only serves to increase their strike rate.

  2. One Christmas when my kids were all young, My eldest started dividing out the gifts, from under the tree. When all the presents were given out I had NOTHING. it was devastating watching the kids (and my hubby) open gifts while I just watched. I kept thinking – he’s playing a trick and keeping me waiting. When the kids had gone off I asked him where mine was. The answer – ‘ when I asked you what you want for Christmas you said nothing, so that’s what I got you ‘ Yes he is still alive and we are still married. I do get a gift at Christmas but I have to take photos of what I want, where they can be found and he sometimes chooses one from the list !

    • Yep he still breathes ! Since I discovered online shopping life has been a lot more fun for me ! I have to say his birthday after that was very low key. I got him some junky stuff online that cost like $10 with free posting. I know he hated them but at least he got a gift. I told him it’s the thought that counts !!

  3. I asked my husband why he never thought to buy me something sexy instead of the usual fry pan ,he asked me were debenhams was ,under the tree was a lovely wraped gift couldn’t wait for Xmas morning got a pair of thick wooly socks to keep my feet warm ,he said my feet were always cold and I wouldn’t need to put them on him anymore ,yes we are still married 54years

  4. I was given a bright pink vacuum cleaner last Christmas and I couldn’t even change it as part of the gift was to vacuum the house for me.

  5. Loos Hone , I learned the hard way also , never say nothing .sorry Lois , why don’t you just get the money off him and lighten his load ?

    • I have to admit I do like to be surprised. I wanted him to go out and look for something that I might like that wasn’t a house hold appliance. So he gets a list with photos now of a few things that I might like, in the hope that I may actually get something I really want. Trouble is now as we get older I don’t need much in the way of material gifts, butI am not letting him off the hook either.

  6. One year for Xmas I got a mop a state of the art mop bucket according to him and an iron needless to say I’ve been happily divorced for many years 😆😆😆

  7. I would love a camp oven as I love the food that is cooked in it and love camping 😄

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