We love a fight when we're in a couple....

It may come as no surprise to you to learn that couples have an average of 32 fights a year, but what may shock you is that they are usually about clutter and start when one half says the other has too much stuff!

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According to a recent survey, one in 10 couples fights about space at least once a week, and one in eight arguments to lead to a broken possession.

These seemingly trivial arguments lead 44 per cent of us to throw away items we wanted to keep. Men tend to hoard sports equipment and electrical items, whereas women find more things sentimental and gain attachments much more easily.

Psychologist Anjula Mutanda says, “The key to a harmonious relationship is to work as a team. Communicate by discussing practicalities out in the open, negotiate what stays and what goes and be willing to compromise”.

So tell us tonight, do you regularly argue with your partner about space?