Watch this dad's scathing message to McDonald's

A dad, furious at the message a McDonald advertisement was sending to his children created his own version to share with friends.

By the end of the evening, it had been viewed 5000 times and within a few days had crossed the million mark.

The original ad shows a spirited young boy doing boyish things and being told off for them. He gets in trouble for running, touching and setting up a potentially dangerous trick with his bike. But it’s ok, because in the end, he gets to have a McDonald’s Happy Meal with his mum and dad.

Lee Mills, father of two girls, 12 and 9, and a former soldier told the Daily Mail, “I was just watching the television with my wife and it came on and I thought ‘this is the opposite of what we are trying to get our kids to do.’

“It really wound me up. I have had far more fun doing everything the kid wants to do in it than eat a burger.

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“Now I don’t condone running in a pool or jumping on a bed in a furniture store but the parts where he was being told no to building a ramp for his bike – it never killed me or any of my friends – or the bit where he wanted to jump in a puddle but got told off – shoes can be washed.,” said Mr Mills

“And also the part where he was scorned for touching glass in a museum made me quite upset. But what really got me annoyed is when he was allowed to go and sit in a fast food restaurant and eat a burger because that’s where good times occur. It made me really cross. In fact, it has enraged me.”

Mr Mills grabbed his iPhone and filmed the commercial, then recorded a voiceover and added some artwork. The result is a powerful message that any parent – or grandparent – can relate to.

Take a look here and share you thoughts.

Do you think junk food outlets like McDonald’s are partly responsible for the obesity crisis facing our grandkids?