Watch these grannies attempt to define modern slang words

Many of these grandmas had heard these words before but that doesn’t mean they understood them. In fact, none of them could define what they meant. For instance, have you heard the words ‘bae’, ‘turnt’, ‘ ratchet’, and ‘whip’? Do you have any idea what they mean?

The hilarious video interviews the ladies and asks them to define the words. They all laugh as they try to explain the crass words but ultimately it just draws attention to the ridiculous vocabulary of the younger generation. The Millennials use these words as part of their day-to-day conversation! When the grandmas find out the real meaning they’re continually shocked and surprised. Most of their definitions don’t even come close to the actual definition.

For example, when prompted with the word ‘ratchet’, many of them believed it was a type of tool. One lady even joked “I thought maybe it was something to use to fix a vibrator”.

Or, when asked about what a ‘f*** boy’ is, they were even more surprised of the actual definition. Their comments included, “that’s gotta be somebody who’s really cute. Everyone wants him. It’s like pop star Justin Beaver is a f*** boy”. Though after reading the true definition they were all alarmed about what is meant. Can you guess what it means?

We’ll let you watch the video to find out the one word that caused the most confusion since it seemed so different from a word that already exists.

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Do you think you could’ve passed the cool grandma test?


Incase you were wondering here is a mini vocabulary lesson:

  • Bae = Before Anyone Else (used to refer to a significant other)
  • OD = Over-the-top or over-doing it; express agreement
  • Shade = an implied insult; indirectly say something nasty
  • F*** boy = the opposite of a gentleman; someone who acts immaturely
  • Ratchet = adjective for someone who is trashy
  • Turnt = excessively excited, or more likely, intoxicated
  • Whip = another word for car


Tell us, have you ever heard these words before? Could you have passed the modern slang vocabulary test?