Watch out! Asteroid set to narrowly miss Earth

An asteroid will soon narrowly miss Earth! Imagine if a kilometre-long asteroid smashed into Earth. Well, it could have happened within days if it weren’t going to narrow miss us.

The asteroid is currently travelling at a speed of more than 37,000kph but rest easy – a space rock of this size only hurtles towards Earth every 5000 years.

So what would happen if the asteroid did hit Earth? It would be catastrophic. It would wipe out an entire country, not to mention create global destruction and completely change the climate.

Earthquakes and tsunamis could be expected, and the planet would be left uninhabitable.

Bill Napier, professor of astronomy at the University of Buckinghamshire, told the Daily Express, “With something like [this asteroid], we are looking at a scale of global destruction, something that would pose a risk to the continuation of the planet”.

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The rock was first discovered on radars by the Catalina Sky Survey last year and has been closely watched this week as it comes close to the Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists say it could take just one asteroid to wipe out all humanity and animals forever.


So, if you knew an asteroid would definitely hit Earth, what would you do in your final days? What would you do as it approached?