Was Helen Mirren airbrushed? 

Helen Mirren closeup

Following the launch of the L’Oreal Paris campaign featuring Helen Mirren, there have been allegations that she isn’t as perfect as she appears in the ad. A viewer has claimed there have been ‘post-production techniques’ used to alter her appearance making the effects of the moisturising cream exaggerated and unrealistic.

We all know that it can be very frustrating to be sold a product that does not live up to expectations, especially when it comes to skin care. However, this complaint is more than just a jab at the company, it is an insult to the natural beauty of Helen.

L’Oreal released a statement saying that it wanted to ensure the depiction of Helen was in keeping with her public image. Helen, at the age of 69 is known to be a stunning lady so they examined previous images of her on the red carpet.

In response to the viewer’s complaints, L’Oreal said there were no post-production changes made to Helen’s face in the TV ad and provided a list of every technique that was used for the print version of the ad – none of which were related to wrinkles or skin on her face or neck.

The ad was even investigated under the rules of misleading advertising, substantiation and exaggeration and concluded that no extra retouching occurred, especially none which would cause a misleading or exaggerated effect.

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What all this means is what we have known all along. Ms Mirren is a natural, enduring beauty who doesn’t need any help from art directors or special effects people.

Tell us, do you think it looks like Helen Mirren was airbrushed in this ad?