Vogue releases totally wild and wacky videos of Celine Dion

Image: YouTube/Vogue

This year will go down in history as the year Celine Dion became an unlikely fashion icon. 

We know this, because even fashion-bible Vogue has named her a fashion icon, but you don’t need to take their word, or ours for it; her outfits speak for themselves. 

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Day after day, and week after week on her recent European tour, Dion has outdone herself with her bold, wild, and sometimes just downright crazy – not to mention insanely expensive – fashion choices, and the world is just loving it!

She is clearly having an amazing time experimenting with clothes, and she and her stylist Law Roach are clearly a match made in heaven! 

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We’ve said it before, but Dion has officially outdone herself in a new series of very dramatic videos just released on Vogue’s Instagram account, which show her in a variety of outlandish costumes in Paris. 

Check out the six videos below, and prepare to be dazzled by some seriously impressive costumes. 

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Are you loving this bold, new version of Celine Dion?