Vegan Cookbook for Healthy Living

As the title, The Rawsome Vegan Cookbook by Emily von Euw implies this is a cook book for Vegans and those seeking Healthy Living. The difference between this cookbook and many others in this field is that it could be a cookbook for anyone.

The book is well organised and beautifully presented with great photographs of each recipe. Emily has created a straight forward approach by having just two main sections of “raw” and “cooked”.

Each recipe is introduced with a few personal but relevant observations from the author. For example, “I always forget how much I love soup”, (p121.)

Raswm VeganThe photography and food presentation is so good that it adds 100% to my desire to try each recipe.

I also love the way options are suggested in some of the recipes. For example, “add the dressing if desired and spritz on some lime juice and enjoy”, (p31) and “adding some salt, garlic, whatever you like”. (p71.)

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The Method for each recipe is clear, concise and uncomplicated.

The Resources section at the end is a valuable addition and I loved her down to earth approach, with a touch of humour in the Ingredients sub section.

With everything you have ever heard of in nuts, fruit and vegetables from almonds, apples to zucchini it also contains ingredients that I guarantee you have never heard of. However, the short ingredients list does cover most but not all; e.g. tamari which is an ingredient in several recipes is explained in the list (and an alternative given), but buckwheat groats does not rate a mention.

Yes, we can go to the net but this defeats the purpose of having a book. If the author wants to have an international audience the list of ingredients, (in my view) needs to be expanded.

The page toward the end that gives a comprehensive list of Books, Documentaries and Blogs provides further avenues of investigation for the reader.

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I can only recommend the book to any serious cook and a must have for vegans and those needing gluten free food for medical reasons.

The Rawsome Vegan Cookbook by Emily von Euw, is available from Dymocks.

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