Unbelievable: Woolworths puts product on display… and customers are fuming

Christmas has just gone by for another year but it seem Woolworths couldn’t wait: they didn’t pause for a week,

Christmas has just gone by for another year but it seem Woolworths couldn’t wait: they didn’t pause for a week, let alone a couple of days before they started putting hot cross buns on sale.

Hot cross buns are traditionally eaten at Easter time – April – but it seems Woolies has jumped the gun.

We were alerted to this bizarre sale by Starts at 60 reader Simon whose friend took this photo:

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 4.26.02 pm

Simon said his friend was upset and “the disgusting thing is that people were buying them. All gone by the end of the day.

“Personally I wouldn’t care if they sold the buns and called them something else all year long without the cross. Then add the cross in the week/s leading up to Easter”.
On Woolworths’ Facebook page it seems other customers are just as baffled as to why hot cross buns are being sold so close to Christmas – we’re not even in 2016 yet!
Reece C sent the supermarket chain a message saying “I found it hilarious to see Hot Cross Buns onsale so soon. Does the 2016 Christmas sale start next week?”. Another commenter chime in and said “it starts on Friday 1 January!”
Woolworths responded and said, “We’re sorry you feel this way. Lots of ours customers tell us they get really excited about Hot Cross Buns and can’t wait to start enjoying them as early as January. With so many people asking for them, we’re more than happy to start baking them!”
“Let’s finish Christmas and New year woolies please”, said another customer.

We want to know your thoughts today: should stores be selling these products so close to Christmas and other holidays?

  1. They do it every year and people must be buying them or the supermarkets wouldn’t bother. If they left off the cross and just sold plain buns it would make more sense.

  2. from an athethist… love hot cross buns…hate the tough white ‘cross’… make nice spicy buns forget the cross….add it when it is easter time…. you have just enjoyed an xmas bonanza… don’t be so greedy

  3. I was in Woolworths today and I didn’t see any hot cross buns. Plenty of left over Christmas stuff but no hot cross buns.

  4. I thought it was bad enough Australia Day merchandise was on sale before Christmas at Woolworths more then a month away.

  5. I have just complained on facebook today about my local foodland having Lindt chocolate rabbits for sale already. OMG it isn’t even New Year yet

  6. Simple,don’t go to Woolworths and/or don’t buy those Easter products until nearer to the event.

    • …and , good advice Eddie …stay away from those Easter products …..I heard they use self raising flour in those buns ….that’s surely sacrilige!

    • No ones forcing anyone to buy hot cross buns Bill but they have always denoted an Easter event which has now been commercialised months from the event only in the last few years like everything else,Mothers Day,Fathers Day,Valentines Day,Xmas in July,Halloween etc.

    • Eddie Jennings not only Woolworths but every business is out to take your monry if they can

    • The point is that Easter products are being put on the shelves now when easter isn’t until March just like christmas products are put out in October. That is the absurdity of the whole thing….how can children believe in the Easter Bunny & Santa Claus when ‘they’ seem to be around for half the year. Traditions are just not the same anymore thanks to the Supermarkets & Department stores!

  7. Well you know what – IF WE DIDN”T BUY THEM, the buns would be left on the shelf – it is our choice to boycott – is it not ???

  8. They are always available from the 26th of December, I absolutely refuse to buy them at this time of the year, however when I asked why they have them available straight after Christmas I was told it’s what the customers want. Not this customer sorry.

  9. Stella  

    It seems to be par for the course…..Christmas decorations go in at end of October…it is all part of the consumer society where purchasing is absolutely driven by retailers . I have been utterly disgusted for many years , and nothing I see encourages me to change my mind.

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