Two clever tricks to extend the life of your bananas

It’s banana season and they’re cheap as chips at the moment, making it much more tempting to buy a big bunch. But when you get home you realise you might not be able to use them as quickly as you thought!

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We have found a couple of ways to stop them rotting quickly and losing their freshness.

1. Wrap each individual stem in plastic wrap

By wrapping the stems of your bananas in plastic wrap, you prevent ethylene gas from reaching the other parts of the fruit. Ethylene gas is the gas that occurs naturally during the ripening process, and is thought to accelerate the ripening process. While this method wont stop all of the gas from getting through, it’s better then nothing and is sure to make at least some difference in the life of your fruit

2. Use lemon juice or vinegar to keep banana slices fresh

Sounds funky, but the use of lemon juice or vinegar removes the amount of oxygen that gets to the fruit and in turn reduces enzymatic browning. You’ll want to be careful if using vinegar. Too much will leave you with sour banana slices. Use about a teaspoon of vinegar and try to coat all of sides of the slices.

How do you keep your bananas fresh? Let us know in the comments below