Turnbull’s team just slid into dangerous territory

What a difference a day and a week makes in politics.  This last week has been a doozy for Malcolm
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What a difference a day and a week makes in politics.  This last week has been a doozy for Malcolm Turnbull, with two ministerial resignations, a sacking, a Facebook furore about gay marriage and a Cabinet reshuffle that saw some fresh faces join the team.  With an innovation package that delivers little but advertising and a tax package that is mired in indecision, it seems some of the gloss is coming off the new government in the public’s eyes.

The Coalition just slid into dangerous territory in the latest Fairfax Ipsos poll showing a 4 point backwards step to 52:48, a lead below the levels that Tony Abbott won the last election at of 53.5%.

It is all their own fault it seems too, with their first preference vote falling 4 points to 44 percent.  Labor has improved only marginally by 3 points from their disastrous level to 35 percent, with the Greens attaining a level of support that is not often seen at 15% of the vote.

When listening to the community and the media we are hearing repeated complaints at the rhetoric but lack of action in areas other than politics.

Don’t get me wrong, Turnbull himself remains outstandingly popular, despite losing some of his magic dust to recent scandals.  He has an approval rating of 62 percent and a disapproval rating of 24 percent.

Shorten on the other hand still faces a 30 percent approval rating and a 55 percent disapproval rating but this is up on where it has been.

It’s an interesting time in politics. There are a number of big issues setting up for debate, including:

  • The government’s taxation which could have a number of strings to the bow:
    •  Superannuation package affecting tax on contributions over a certain threshold
    • A tax deduction cap for individuals and corresponding tax cuts to middle Australia
    • A GST increase even though it is likely dead in the current Senate and wider tax cuts
  • Gay marriage and the public opinion debate
  • General economic instability

Which issues are causing your opinion to swing around?


  1. the libs are gunna kill us farmers workers small business pensioners disabled and for what money so foreign national company’s dont pay tax but they do pay liberal bribes to ignore it so other countries can buy our farms so foreign investors can bring in their own workers . yet the liberals salaries come from our taxes . now sit and let that sink in who do you know that the liberals actions affect

    • Small businesses are collectively the biggest employers in the nation. Ignoring them & sucking up to destructive, ‘fly by night’, dodgy operators like Adani in preference is irresponsible in the extreme.

    • Pauline warned us all that this would happen 20 years ago and guess what you all laughed at her. Well she and One Nation are back and people are wanting more and more candidates so they can vote for One Nation in their areas. The more seats in the Senate One Nation gets then the Farm won’t be sold to China and 457 visas will be stopped just for starters. You all laughed at Pauline because she didn’t have the education well here we have an educated well tailored dip stick who travels on tax payers money who has done a big fat NOTHING

    • Anne Churchill Buckner yep I would vote Pauline she is not afraid to speak out and if she gets it wrong that is a lesson learned. One Nation hopefully will grow.

    • All I can say about Pauline is she has never given up. She has paid tge price for loving Australia and she is still calling a spade a spade not like other egotistical uni educated ignoble dip sticks who call spades diamonds.

  2. Right on the mark Rodney Mc Culloch but I go even further. Over the last few months we have seen two PMs not 1 but 5 ministers leaving because of corruption or disharmony and this corruption goes right down the line into its party members. The liberals are so busy infighting that they haven’t really done any governing outside putting in place things that benefit there mates and pandering to the corporations that feed there campaign. Liberals are constantly screaming how the labor party left our country in massive debt yet the liberals have more than doubled this debt. On what I Cannot for the life of me see as to any benefits that any average Australian gets out if this debt. We have seen this government spending public money like its lollie water yet told that the age of entitlement is over. Oh and when their mates have been found out for corruption they then give these thieves/ corrupt individuals cosy jobs overseas or in some government job paying big incomes. REALLY the liberals could teach the mafia a lesson in how to be corrupt. The good thing is people are waking up seeing through that million dollar smile

    • Well said Bea, I wish more people would see through that smile, oh well I guess we can’t have everything.

  3. I think the figures have dropped because of the realisation that it’s gloss and rhetoric over substance. Disappointment at the stance on gay marriage and the ‘Let them Stay’ campaign have also had an effect.

  4. Turnbull puts me in mind of a very rich person who dosn’t realize the importance of his job. He is front and centra where he wanted to be, has the job he wanted but now dosn’t know what to do but stand up and talk about nothing. Thinking he’s looking good and that is all he’s worried about.

  5. Continue to protect all the perks and lurks for the wealthy to escape their responsibilities to pay their taxes while looking for every way to punish the poor, disadvantaged and P.A.Y.E taxpayers, the people will speak at the polls where we are all equal

  6. People are starting to wake up that Turnbull is no different to Abbott, he still has the same policy’s, nothing has changed, many thought he would act on the Republic, marriage equality and climate change and the penny is dropping that he is going to act on none.

    • Think we already knew that lol . We didnt get a choice . Once again the people didnt vote him . Glad to see the whole party disappear . Libs never been for the working class anyway .

  7. I will definitely be spoiling my vote, there is no party that I will vote for this time. Turnbull and Bishop made up my mind.

  8. Oh come on, new face does not equate to new policies. Malcolm Turnbull has changed absolutely nothing and never will.

  9. He’s all gloss and mirrors, you can fool some of the people all the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, also some people are smart enough to see that he has the same unfair policies as Abbott.

  10. I wonder if this deluded fool, still thinks it’s such a great time to be in Australia now?

    • I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence!

    • Under this hopeless lot of Politicians, from all parties, the grass all over this country is browning off very quickly.

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