Turn your old pillowcases into something more useful with these 10 ideas

Pillowcases can follow up around our whole lives. We take them from house to house, accumulating more and more as
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Pillowcases can follow up around our whole lives. We take them from house to house, accumulating more and more as the years go by, but the amount of people in our house reduces.

Let’s face it: we don’t all need 50 pillowcases, and we’re sure you’ve got a few in your linen cupboard that you don’t want to part with, but you’re not exactly using.

Dust off your pillowcases – here’s 10 awesome new ways to recycle them!

1. Revamp an umbrella

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This crafty lady has attached the fabric of her pillowcase to the inside of this rusty umbrella. Doesn’t it look great?

2. Make a smock dress

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If you have a little granddaughter, this smock dress from one of your pretty patterned pillowcases is the perfect craft project.

3. Reupholster a chair

Chairs look a little tired? If you have a set of pillowcases, you could staple gun the fabric to the seat cushion.

4. Homemade heat pack

Heat packs aren’t always cheap but with an old pillowcase and rice, you can create one. Simply cut your pillowcase in half. Then use the side with the bottom seam and fill with a couple of cups of rice. Sew a line all the way across to create a sealed tube, then repeat with another couple of cups of rice. Repeat until the entire thing is full and seam the end to create a finished rice pack with several tubes full of rice. You can add lavender scent to it as well if you like!

5. DIY earring holder

If you have some pretty lace pillowcases, why not make this lovely earring holder for your granddaughter? It hangs up too.

6. Car playmat

Anyone with a grandson will know how much they love cars. This little mat is very easy to pack up as well!

7. Another jewellery holder

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This time with a frame and some thin lace! The possibilities are endless.

8. Fabric wreath

Doesn’t this look great? It’s made with pillowcases and other fabrics.

9. New cushion covers

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If you really love the pattern of several of your pillowcases, why not combine them together? You can make a cushion cover that looks great and is all different colours.

10. Wrap presents

Who said wrapping a present had to be done with paper? This is a lovely way to wrap up a special gift.

Share your other pillowcase ideas below.