This trick cools down a hot car in under a minute

This trick cools down a hot car in under a minute.

We love the summer because we can finally ditch our winter wear and get comfortable in our shorts and thongs. Yes! But summer also means the weather can heat up real fast, everything that’s left outdoors will end up sizzling — like in our car.

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When a car is parked in the sun with doors and windows closed, it can get as hot as an oven, causing sweaty seats and burned fingers. Let’s not forget our our backs and behinds can sting from contact with hot seats. Sure we can blast the air-con or wind down all the windows to help cool down the car, but sometimes that’s not fast enough. Luckily, here’s a tried and tested tip that we wish we knew earlier!

First roll down one of the windows all the way, then walk to the other side of the car and open and close the door five to 10 times. This creates a circulating air flow that forces the trapped hot air out of the vehicle and can actually drop the inside temperature as much as 10C.

That’s it! Give it a try today.

How do you normally cool your car down? Do you use any car accessories to keep your vehicle cool?