This fruit makes the perfect shoe shine

Did you know that you can use a particular fruit to shine your shoes?

Leather shoes are awesome as they are hardwearing and not to mention elegant-looking. But even the best shoe, after having been worn for years, can end up with a lot of scuff marks. That’s usually what happens to our favourite shoes, especially the ones we wear every day. There are many products out there that we can use to buff and shine our shoes but if you’d like to try a more natural method, why not consider this cool trick? Have you ever thought that you could use fruits to shine your shoes? Exactly! To be specific, bananas. The banana peel contains a natural wax-type ingredient that would be perfect for shining shoes and getting rid of scuff marks. All you need to do is eat a banana and then keep the peel for the next steps. You’ll also need a shoe polishing cloth or even women’s stockings. To start, you’ll have to make sure your boots are free of dust and dirt. Then grab your banana peel and start lightly rubbing your shoe.

polish shoe using banana
Shine your shoes with a banana like this. Photo: Instructables.

You might need to wipe away some of the banana stuff. Then, simply buff your shoes with some nylon to make it shiny. Easy!

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Here’s a picture to compare banana polish and normal polish. How awesome is this?

polish shoe with banana comparison
Here’s what happens if you polish your shoes with banana. Normal polish is on the left, banana peel polish is on the right. Photo: Instructables.

Here’s a video with step-by-step instructions…

Will you try this trick? Have you used other cool ways to shine your shoes? Please share your tips in the comments.