The trick to easily transport clothes you wish you knew all these years

This simple trick helps you easily transport clothes anywhere.

The worst thing about moving is the packing. Whether you’re moving internationally or interstate, clothes are a huge pain to pack and unpack. Most people would take all the clothes off the hanger and then start folding them and packing them into a box. This can be a painstakingly long process especially if there are a million things to fold. But the problem does not end there. Once you reach your new destination, you’ll have to unpack again and by this time the clothes would all be crumpled up from the moving. Luckily, there is a really clever way to transport all your clothes without them ever leaving the hanger. If you want to move everything easily and avoid wrinkles and lost hangers you’ll only need this common thing – a large trash bag.

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Just get the largest trash bag you can find, pull it from the bottom up, enveloping the clothes, then cinch the top up. This keeps the hangers from falling in and you can use the hooks to carry them easily in bunches. Once you get the bundle to your new home, you should be able to hang the entire collection at once in your new closet. Simply untie the garbage bags and remove. It may not be elegant but it does the job. Writer Shep McAllister used this trash bag trick during his last move, and it saved him a ton of time. This method also ensures that your clothes don’t get wet or dirty during the move. So rain and shine, everything will be fine. Try it!

This video shows you how to easily transport your clothes using trash bags…

How do you normally transport your clothes? Do you have other nifty tricks?