The simple ways to stop mosquitoes this summer

How do you stop mosquito bites? Source: Getty

If you’re anything like us, there’s nothing better than relaxing in your backyard with friends and family on a hot summer night.

The only thing that can put a dampener on your plans is if a pesky mosquito comes along to ruin your evening.

Mosquito bites can be super-itchy and irritating, not to mention how annoying that buzzing noise can be.

While we don’t yet have a way to completely eradicate the annoying pests, we do have some simple tricks and tips that can help when it comes to keeping the mozzies at bay.

Use fans

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Chances are you’re going to have a fan on in the summer anyway, but did you know they can actually deter mosquitos? Any form of breeze tends to make it extremely difficult for a mosquito to fly. As they typically fly in lower locations to avoid the natural breeze, it’s a good idea to point your fan towards the ground. This is going to confuse them and make them fly away from you.

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Avoid wearing black

Believe it or not, mosquitos are more likely to bite someone wearing dark colours. Where possible, wear lighter colours. This should stop them from biting.

Stay away from certain foods

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Did you know that mosquitoes are attracted to lactic acids, salt and potassium? In simple terms, this means some of the foods we eat can actually attract them.

While it would be silly to completely cut certain foods out of your diet, keep in mind that eating things such as dried fruits and vegetables, avocados and even bananas can make you more desirable to a mosquito.

Maybe it’s best to opt for a different flavoured dip when you’ve got the neighbours around.

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Time your social activities

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While it sounds silly, there are certain times of the day when you’re more likely to come across a mosquito. While it can vary depending on the species of mosquito, you’ll usually find that they’re most active at dawn and dusk, just as the sun is rising and going down.

Again, we’re not telling you to coop yourself up during these times, just be aware that the mozzies will likely be biting. 

Bug zappers don’t work

We hate to be the one to break this to you, but bug zappers don’t actually work when it comes to killing mosquitoes. Because mosquitoes usually fly closer to the ground, they tend to miss the zappers completely. 

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Get rid of stored water

Mosquitoes love to breed in water, so if you’ve got any water stored around your home, you could be encouraging the little buggers to breed.

We recommend looking out for water that could be stored in old pot plants, buckets, tubs, gutters, and even water tanks to ensure you’re not accommodating a breeding ground for them.

Do you have a problem with mosquitoes? How do you stop them from biting?