The simple detox bath that promotes hair growth and fights loss

There are only so many herbal baths a person can take, but this one should make it to the top of your list. Not only will it help you relieve your stress, but it is said that soaking in the tub will help promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.

All you need are some green tea bags.

Green tea is popular the world over for its health benefits. It can fight free radicals, disrupt bacteria production and now it has been found to stimulate the growth of hair.

Green tea is a good source of polyphenols, vitamin C and vitamin E that are helpful in stimulating hair growth and softening one’s hair.

If you’re having a problem with hair growth, preparing this simple green tea bath will help.

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Green tea bath

First you need to ensure you are bathing away from meal time so as to allow your food to be digested, and you want to make sure you have had enough water throughout the day.

Then fill your bath tub with hot water and add about five to 10 green tea bags. Let the tea seep into the water for around 20 minutes, and make sure the bath is warm enough for your liking. The water should be a grey-brown colour if it is properly mixed.

Allow yourself to soak in the bath for 20-40 minutes, but you might want to have someone in the house while you’re bathing just in case you become light-headed, as can happen if you lay in a warm bath for a long time.

Apply the tea bags to your hair at the same time as you bathe, which will help get rid of dandruff and promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.

After you’ve finished your bath, moisturise so that your skin doesn’t dry out. Drink water, as you might have lost water through sweating in the tub. You could take a cool shower if you wanted to cool down more quickly.

Do you suffer from hair loss? What treatments have you used to prevent it?