The must-know survival tip that could help save your life

Would you know how to escape if you were captured and tied up by a criminal?

It’s a scary thought, and something most of us are lucky enough not to have to worry about, but the majority of people don’t know how to break free if they are being held against their will.

Hundreds of people are held against their will in Australia every year, with women making up the majority of that number.

The most common tool used to bind and restrain a victim is duct tape, which is cheap and easily available.

When people are bound around the wrists with duct tape, the first instinct most have is to try to wriggle or twist their hands to break free.

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This does nothing to loosen the restraint though and usually just ends up hurting the victim even more.

A video showing people how to escape from the restraints has been shared thousands of times and is hoped to save lives all over the world.

The video instructs people to raise their bound hands high above their head and bring them down in one swift movement with their elbows pointing outwards.

This forces the duct tape to break apart, effectively freeing the captive.

Take a look at the video and share it with anyone you want to keep safe from harm.

Did you know how to break free before you saw this video? Do you ever worry about your own safety?