The genius trick that will bring your stale bread back to life

Did you buy a beautiful, crusty loaf only to eat one chunk and then forget about it until it’s morphed into a rock-hard lump?

If it’s still good enough for soups you can enjoy it but what if it’s turned to rock?

Thanks to this trick, you never have to trash another loaf again. Here’s how you can bring your stale bread back from the dead.

Step 1: Pour cold water over your bread.
Yes, it sounds disgusting, but trust us, this is just step one. Use cold water because hot tap water increases your risk of lead contamination. Wet the crust properly but try to avoid the cut part.

Step 2: Bake it.
Turn your oven to 300° or 325°F and put in your soaked loaf. Bake for 6 to 12 minutes, depending on how wet it is.

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The water that soaks through the crust turns to steam as it heats up. This rehydrates the bread’s insides, making them fluffy once again, while the heat from the oven crisps up the outside. What comes out is a loaf of bread that looked and smelled fresh baked.

Note: This tip works best with bread loafs instead of individual pre-sliced bread but you can still give it a shot if you like.

Have you tried this trick?