The fast and effective way to remove ink from wood

Ink stains on your wooden furniture can be a bit tricky to remove, especially if it goes deep into the finish. When you think about the price of your furniture, especially if you have a few antique pieces, having an ink stain on your product can cause an eye twitch.

Take a step back and have yourself a deep breath… While ink might be hard to remove, the stains are not impossible to get out of wood and here’s an easy method to help.

Use baking soda!

First, you’ll want to make a baking soda paste and you can do this by adding baking soda to a 1/2 cup of water until the mixture thickens into a goop.

Then you’ll want to spread the paste over the ink stain, using your fingers to rub it in an ensure that the stain is completely covered. Don’t scrub! You want the baking soda to do the work here, so if you scrub you risk damaging the wood’s surface.

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Leave the mixture for around 10-15 minutes.

To clean up, use a soft cloth dampened with water to remove the paste. You might find that a repeat of the process is required to get the ink completely removed. When you’re happy with the result use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the surface.

Voila! No more ink…

Do you have wood furniture at your house? Have you ever had to use this method? Do you know of any other methods for removing ink? Share them with us.