The easy, no-fuss way to seperate egg whites

egg whites
This easy tip will have you separating egg whites faster than you can say chicken.

Cooking with eggs can be a messy task. But the ultimate challenge for even the most accomplished cooks comes in the form of separating egg whites from the yolks.

Whether you’re whipping up an egg white omelette, making a rich chocolate pudding, or preparing a meringue that old instruction telling you to “separate whites from yolks” can give you the sweats.

Thankfully, one nifty cook has come up with a simple way to get the job done without making a mess of the kitchen or your dish.

A video by Youtube vlogger Foodinese shows the viewers how to separate eggs with one handy apparatus: a water bottle.

In the clip, the vlogger cracks the eggs into a bowl and then hovers the water bottle over the yolk. When the opening of the bottle touches the yolk, it sucks the yellow centre clean into the bottle, leaving nothing but the whites in the bowl.

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Take a look at the video and tell us if you’ll give it a go!

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Do you enjoy cooking? What’s your best cooking tip?