The clever hack to prevent juices stinking out your bin

A bin is a bin, and you expect them to smell a little bit, but there is nothing worse than the smells that come from the kitchen bin. Sometimes they are so offensive.

You can re-bag it daily, wash it with detergents or bleach, spray it with deodoriser, but all to no avail!

Often the smells are as a result of garbage juices making pooling at the bottom of the bag. You know the ones — juices from the meat tray, leftover milk or fruit juice… It’s pretty disgusting!

There is a clever way to clean and disinfect your kitchen bin… and you’ll need a bit of newspaper.

What you want to do

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Start by removing all the rubbish and taking your bins out of the kitchen. If you have a laundry you might like to clean the bins in there… Somewhere with hot water is ideal.

Fill it with hot water and a dash of detergent and swish it all around.

Then use a scrubbing brush to give it a thorough clean, including all those hard to reach places, seals, inside the lid, the base etc.

Rinse it again.

Then add three to four drops of tea tree oil and leave it sit for 5-10 minutes.

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Give it a final rinse and let it dry.

Here’s where the newspaper comes in handy.

Once you’ve got your dry bin, and you’ve placed a fresh bag in to line it, place a layer of folded newspaper in the bin lining. This will help prevent any liquid from escaping the bag and pooling in the base of your bin.

Put old newspaper at the bottom of your bin to absorb food juices.
Put old newspaper at the bottom of your bin to absorb food juices.

Do you find juices pooled at the bottom of your bin from time to time? Do you have any tricks to prevent them?