The camping hack you wish you knew all these years

This life hack will show you how a simple shelving bracket can make all the difference. Photo: YouTube/Grant Thompson - "The King of Random".

If you’re a camping enthusiast and have been camping millions of times, you know that cooking at the campsite the old way needs preparation. We can always bring a stove but what if we want to cook with open fire? It’s easy to start a fire but if we use a pot or pan, we usually need that cast iron grill BBQ to place the pots on. Although we can always put the pot on a rock by the fire, it would not get that even heat to cook properly. Luckily, YouTuber Grant Thompson has figured out a genius way to solve our cooking problem. All you need are three ordinary shelving brackets which you can buy at the hardware store. The size of the brackets depend on how big your pot is. The bigger the pot, the bigger the bracket. But just having brackets will not do anything. They key is in the strategic positioning of the brackets.

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Thompson’s video shows you how to do it successfully step-by-step:

Do you like camping? Do you have any clever tricks that can make cooking at the campsite easier? Do share your experience with us in the comments…