Surprising things you had no idea could expire

Here are some surprising things you had no idea could expire...

Generally, if it’s not food or something that breathes, it’d be normal to assume that the item never expires. It gets old, sure, but expired? Nah. Unfortunately, according to reports, these household things do have an expiration date or at least a maximum usage duration to ensure your safety. Do you throw any of these out after a while? How long do you keep them?

1. Have you had the same pillow for years? Pillows can lose their shape and cause neck injuries after 2-3 years of use.

2. Those slippers you’ve had for ages might need some attention. Wash your slippers regularly and replace them every 6 months to avoid fungal infections.

3. You already know how gross our sponges can get. But did you know that you shouldn’t use one for longer than two weeks?

4. Shower poufs help us clean our bodies, so it makes sense that they would hold dirt and grime. Change these out every 6 months or so.

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5. Even with consistent washing, towels only have a life of about 1-3 years because they are constantly exposed to bacteria, reports Viralnova. However, if you disagree with this, you could go the vinegar and soda bi-carb route.

6. Clean out your brush once a week, and get a new one once a year.

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7. According to Viralnova, your running shoes may only support your feet well within 400 t0 480 kilometers or 1 year of use. Beyond that, you might need to get new ones to keep your joints safe.

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8. To help avoid electrical fires, switch out your power strips every couple of years. Better safe than sorry.

9. Disinfectants may list a million years as the expiry date but it actually becomes less effective 3 months after they’ve been opened says Viralnova.

10. Insect repellant loses its potency about 2 years after purchase so better to just chuck it out.

Did you know these things expire?