Six surprising ways to use fizzy cola as a handy fix

It's definitely worth the purchase! Source: Pixabay

Whether you’re a big fan of drinking a cola as a soft drink or not, you might find there’s good reason to have some on hand – it has lots of uses other than as a thirst-quencher.

From removing hard-to-remove stains to maintaining your garden, here are six uses for fizzy cola that you probably didn’t know about! 

Clean the toilet

Let’s be honest, no one enjoys cleaning the toilet. For an easy fix that doesn’t require much effort, use cola. Simply pour the cola into the bowl and let it sit for an hour. Why? The acids in the cola will help break down the stains, making it a lot easier to then clean with a brush.

Perk up houseplants

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It might sound strange, but cola is actually great for your houseplants. Apparently the bubbles from the cola help aerate (add air) the soil, which encourages more rapid growth in the plant. 

Relieve stings

Jellyfish stings hurt! But many people recommend pouring cola over the sting to relieve the pain. Although there are likely more effective painkillers out there, cola does have two advantages – if you’re picnicking at the beach, it’s pretty likely someone in the family with have some with tham, and it seems more pleasant than the traditional remedy, which involves peeing on the sting. 

Remove rust

Cola is fantastic at removing rust. Simply dip the object into a glass full of fizzy cola and leave for a few minutes to a few hours, depending on how much rust there is. Why? The acid in the drink will loosen rust before you start scrubbing, making your job easier. If the item is too big to easily place in a container of cola, soak a cloth in the beverage instead and try to rub the rust off. 

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Revive old coins

After a while, coins tend to tarnish from wear and tear. Whether you enjoy collecting coins or you just like change that sparkles, cola is a fantastic way to spruce them up. Simply soak in a glass full of cola for a few hours. 

Remove gum from hair

There is nothing worse than getting gum stuck in your hair – or trying to remove it, as many grandparents will know from painful experience. To remove gum, add cola to the tangled area, and slowly separate the hair from the gum. The cola will help the gum slide right off, without breaking the hairs or requiring any bits to be snipped off. Then you just need to wash the hair to remove any sticky residue.

Do you ever use cola around the house? Have you used any of this methods before?