Nifty trick to remove permanent marker from your wooden furniture

Removing marker stains is much easier than you think. Photo: YouTube (Vinish).

Remember how amazing they used to make furniture back then? If you have kept a few pieces of furniture from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, you’ll know how valuable they are in the sense that you might not find these wonderful pieces if you throw them away.

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But what happens if your treasured old wooden furniture has marker stains on it? Perhaps little guests in your home has made a mess that looks permanent? Well, according to this trick, even permanent marker can be removed and the method is super easy.

All you need is this product that you already have – toothpaste. That’s right – the same product you use to keep your pearly whites clean and sparkling can also help keep your wood clean and marker-free!

Apply the toothpaste directly onto the marker stain and rub using a damp rag. You’ll want to rub the affected area for a few minutes until the cloth can easily slide across the wood surface.

Rinse the rag you used with water and rub the wood surface until the toothpaste is no longer visible.

The marker stain should no longer be there. If any marker residue remains, repeat steps until the stain has disappeared completely.

Have you tried this trick?