Let chores take care of themselves. 6 fixes you can set and leave

Shower head
Clean your shower head while you sleep. Source: Pixabay

Let household ingredients do the work for you. 

For those who fastidiously keep a clean home, there is nothing more frustrating than waking up to a messy house. Luckily, some chores can take care of themselves while you get some shut eye. 

Save yourself the stress, and enjoy your snooze, with these six clever tips. 

Soak a shower head

Deposits can clog a shower head and affect its pressure over time. To clean, fill a plastic bag with vinegar. Place the bag around the shower head and secure with a twist tie and leave overnight. Why? The vinegar will break down the deposit build up. 

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Remove stains from carpet

Removing a carpet stain can take a little more effort than usual. Make a paste from baking soda and water, and apply directly to the stain. Leave overnight, and vacuum away the next morning. 

Clean your pots and pans

Gunk can easily build up on pots and pans, if not cleaned correctly. Remove deposits from your cookware with a dryer sheet. Simply fill your pan with warm water and place the dryer sheet on top. Leave to soak overnight and wipe clean with a sponge the next day. 

Remove stains from clothing

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A clothing stain needs more than just the usual wash cycle. Saturate the stain with a paste of equal parts vinegar and baking soda. Then soak the stain overnight in a bucket, made up of two tablespoons vinegar and two tablespoons laundry detergent. The next morning, rinse and wash as usual.

Descale a kettle

To clean limescale away, cut a lemon into large slices, place in the kettle and add water. Bring to a boil, then take the kettle off the heat and leave overnight. The lemon’s citric acid will loosen the limescale. 

Remove rust

Soak your tools in a tray filled with Coca-Cola. Allow to soak overnight, and scrub clean with a hard bristle brush in the morning. The soda’s phosphoric acid will help loosen the gunk. 

What are your tips for an easy clean?