How to start a fire using water

Who knew that water can be used to start a fire?

Going camping is always fun. Imagine being in nature and just soaking up the beauty of mother earth. What a great feeling! But with camping comes great planning. And to have a wonderful camping experience, there are a lot of things that needs to be ticked off that check list. From medication to food and camping gear, there is a lot to remember. But what people often forget despite the heavy planning is matches! Luckily, it’s not the end of the world and according to survival enthusiast Grant Thompson, there is a way to start a fire using water. But doesn’t water put out fire and make fires harder to start? It does sound pretty impossible but once you watch this video you will understand how it can happen and quite easily too and anyone can try it. Just be careful not to start a bushfire or any fire that is not controlled and can lead to bigger fires. Before you try this method, please make sure you have ways to contain the fire like using rocks, digging a hole or having more water on standby.

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So, ready to make fire with water? All you need is a sandwich bag and water. Wait, what if there is no water? Yes, you can also use your own biological fluids – pee! 

Watch this video to see how Grant does it…

Have you ever tried this trick?