How to ripen a banana quickly for baking


So you want to bake some banana bread but your bananas aren’t quite ripe enough?

Under ripe bananas not only don’t taste as well, they can also make your bread dry and starchy.

But before you go racing off to the shop to buy ripe bananas, try this life hack!

Apparently, raw egg yolks can quickly ripen your bananas.

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That’s right – the amylase enzyme in egg yolks will turn the starch in unripened bananas into liquid sugar, making your banana ripen in just 30 minutes.

So, how does it work?

Well, look at your recipe and find out how many bananas and eggs you need.

Simply mash together the number of bananas and eggs you need and within half an hour your banana will be softer and so much sweeter and ready to bake with!

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While this life hack might not help if you want to make a smoothie – it’ll sure take the stress out of baking with bananas!

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Have you tried this trick before? How do you ripen your bananas?