How to get clothes wrinkle-free without ironing

Is this the least favourite electrical appliance in your house? If so, here's a few solutions to avoid it!

Ironing is one of those painful chores many of us try our hardest to avoid. It’s the reason many of us choose certain types of fabrics – the less ironing they need, the better!

But sometimes you do end up with your clothing looking like they’ve been living at the bottom of the cupboard no matter what you do.  Rather than looking unkempt and crumpled, though, there are many ways you can look your best without wrestling with the ironing board.

Hanging wet

Why don’t you hang your clothing straight from the washing machine on to hangers? While it’s not an option for every piece of clothing it works well for dresses and tops that are made of synthetic material. The hanger will give them the right shape to dry well.


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The dryer is another great option to save you turning on the iron. If you are drying a pile of washing just make sure to fold or hang the items as soon as you get them out and they’ll be mostly wrinkle free.

Emergency dry

You can also use the dryer as a quick option even if the item is already dry. Pop your item into the dryer with a damp towel or sock and let it go for about ten minutes on a medium temperature. You can also throw in a few ice cubes to get the same effect. The steam from the damp items or ice will help get rid those wrinkles. This works best for clothing with a high cotton content.


There’s another way you can utilise a damp towel. Simply put your clothing on a flat surface and place the damp towel over top. Make sure you press down to smooth out the creases. This will leave your item a tad damp, so just hang to air dry afterwards.

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Travel trick A

This is a great one to use while on holiday, but you can also do it at home too. Simply hang the clothing you are about to wear in the bathroom while you have your shower. The steam from the shower will soften up those wrinkles.

Travel trick B

If you still need to get out a few extra wrinkles after that shower, now is time to put the hotel hairdryer to good use. Lay your clothing on a flat surface, like the bed, and run the dryer across the wrinkles and watch them disappear. A hair straightener can also come in handy for stubborn wrinkles but watch the heat setting. 

What do you do to avoid using the iron?