How to cut microwave time by half

Cut microwave time in half like this.

Microwaves are very useful as they let you heat up your food quickly without having to wash all the pots you might use in reheats. You can even heat up those pre-cooked foods without spoiling their appearance, which can happen from stirring too much.

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Microwave ovens are so quick and efficient because they channel heat energy directly to the molecules (tiny particles) inside food. Sometimes you just need a meal quickly… and so does your partner or grandkids and when the queue is long, even the fastest microwave can be a challenge. That’s because microwaves are generally small causing us to reheat things one by one.

We’ve all been there, one of us gets to eat while the other waits. That’s when the microwave which is supposed to bring convenience starts to annoy you. But guess what? With this ingenious life hack, you can cut heating time by half.

Cook two bowls in the microwave at once! Sound impossible? Think your microwave is too small for this smart trick?

All you need to do is place one bowl in as normal and then put a mug upside down next to it. Place your second bowl on top and watch as they cook in half the time. It’s so easy! But do be careful. This trick might not be suitable for anything that has a lot of liquid, which can spill if not done properly.

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Have you tried this trick before? Do you use the microwave all the time? Please tell us if you have other microwave tricks to share…