How a tennis ball can keep your pool clean this Summer

Who knew tennis balls could do this?

With the warm weather just around the corner, many people around the country will be hitting the pool to keep cool.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than splashing around in the water with your family and grandkids.

While things such as chlorine and creepy crawly pool cleaners usually keep the water fresh and in prestige conditions, there’s no denying that the influx of people swimming around can leave the water looking less than stellar.

Nobody wants to invite their friends around for a dip only to find it covered in a thick layer of grease!

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Given that Australia is the skin cancer capital of the world, most people lather themselves in a thick layer of sun cream before they enter the water.

While this is great at protecting our skin, it can lead to your pool water looking murkier than it should.

The lotion and other oils from your skin can easily rub off and linger at the top of your pool.

Thankfully there’s a handy hack that will keep your pool looking crystal clear.

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Next time you go for a dip, throw a couple of tennis balls in the water. They will float to the top and will actually help clean your pool.

While it sounds a bit silly, the material on the balls will absorb a lot of the oils that rub off from your skin. Acting like a magnet of sorts, suggests that the unsightly grease will draw itself to the tennis balls, rather than spreading across the top layer of your pool.

If you’ve got grandchildren over, they’ll think that the balls are simply there for them to play with and you won’t even have to tell them about this handy hack!

Have you ever tried this before? How do you usually keep your pool looking clean during the summer months?