Here's a simple trick to extend the life of your razor blade

Disposable razor blades can be quite costly and most will only get a wwek’s worth of shaves out before the blade goes dull and you have to replace it.

However, using this simple method will allow you to extend the life of your razor blade and ensure you receive a sharp and smooth shave for a lot longer. We’re talking months and months!

After you’ve finished your next shave, walk to your wardrobe and pull out the leg of a pair of blue jeans.

Hold the end with one hand, and with the other stroke the razor blade along the entire length of the jeans 10 or 20 times, then switch directions. The thread of the jeans run in a diagonal so changing directions will allow for a balanced approach and this will fine tune the razor’s edge.

It works in a similar way to the old ‘leather strap on a blade’ approach, but this one is cheap and free if you own a pair of jeans.

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The fine nicks in the blade will be removed, which will allow you to keep your blade longer because it remains sharp.

For even better sharpness, try running your blade along the jeans in both directions before and after your shave.

Do you use disposable razor blades to shave? Will you try this trick at home?